Feb 22, 2023

Capturing Citu: Sustainable Urban Development Photoshoot

Showcasing the Beauty of Natural Light

I recently had the pleasure of photographing for Citu, an innovative company focused on sustainable urban development. As a professional photographer, my goal was to showcase the unique beauty of their space. To achieve this, I utilized natural light, which not only elevated the appearance of the photographs but also captured the essence of the company's ethos.

Capturing the Essence of Citu's Sustainable Urban Development through Natural Light

Although I appreciate the use of light painting, I prioritize the use of natural light in my photography. While artificial light can mimic natural light, the authenticity of natural light is unmatched. The feeling that natural light adds to every photograph is unique and cannot be fully replicated by artificial lighting techniques.

During the Citu shoot, my focus was on capturing the intricate details and unique features of the space, including the carefully selected materials and innovative design. Using natural light, I was able to create stunning shots that highlighted the company's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Citu details

Apart from showcasing the space's distinctive characteristics, I also aimed to capture its overall atmosphere and mood. I believe that a space can tell a story, and with the right use of natural light, I was able to create photographs that truly conveyed the essence of the company.

To demonstrate my approach, I have included 3 shots in this blog post. Each photograph showcases the beauty of natural light and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Results of Natural Light 

Overall, I'm proud of the work I did for Citu. As a company dedicated to sustainability and innovation, they were the perfect match for my creative vision. My hope is that these photos capture the unique beauty of their space and inspire others to appreciate the importance of natural light in photography.

Citu natural living